Get ready for
Web Vitals 2.0
In light of Google’s recent announcment of its algorithm change in May, we’ve revamped and revived our
Web Vitals product!
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Web Vitals
When Google announced its algorithm change to prioritize page experience, it is recommended utilizing Web Vitals to analyze field data. Foo provides a service for storage of Web Vitals data and GUI to visualize and analyze – read more here!
Web Vitals Dashboard or Data Studio
Getting started with Foo’s Web Vitals implementation is as simple as adding a JS snippet to your website. Foo will collect Web Vitals data in real time and provide charts on your dashboard. Also check out our Data Studio Connector.
Lighthouse with CrUX
To prepare for the new search update, Lighthouse still remains a great tool for lab data as the industry standard for analyzing website and page experience performance. We’ve added CrUX data in addition to Lighthouse reporting. Try it out now.
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