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Windows 11: Episode 1
Introducing Windows 11, an OS
designed for hybrid work
Welcome to this series!
The countdown to Windows 11 begins today! For the next several weeks this series will bring you everything you need to know about the upcoming Windows 11 release. We’ll provide all the insights you need to help customers make a seamless transition to the most adaptive and powerful OS ever released!
A new world needs a new Windows.
Our connection to the physical world is now in great part digital. Life as we know it is a hybrid. The Windows PC, has become a connector, an entertainer, an educator, and a liberator. The new Windows 11 will bring greater harmony to our experience of work, play, and learning, allowing us to live a more focued, mindful life.
Announcing Windows 11, the future of hybrid work.

Here are some key features and highlights to get your customers motivated to upgrade:
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More productive for employees
A simple, powerful UX can help their employees focus and be more productive. A streamlined UI helps cut through the clutter and reduce cognitive load. Snap layouts and personalized Widgets make it easier to stay organized. Workflows can be automated right from the desktop.
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More collaborative experiences
The new Windows features a smarter way to collaborate with Microsoft Teams1 integration. Meet and share content easily. Mute and unmute right from the taskbar. Auto-blur and noise cancellation keep background activity where it belongs—in the background.
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Consistent for IT
It's easy for your customers to adopt with app compatibility and cloud management. They can migrate with confidence knowing their favorite apps and familiar management tools from Windows 10 will still work, backed by the App Assure promise. There’s also more control over updates and the ability to deploy remote PCs in compliance with company policies.
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Secure for all
Help protect customer data and access with a Zero Trust-ready OS. Safeguard their business data and identity with powerful built-in security, including hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware protection. Easily protect user identities with password-less security.
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What about Windows 10?
Rest assured that as customers chart their path to Windows 11, Windows 10 devices will still receive updates, helping them remain productive and secure.

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What should I have my customers do next?
Encourage them to sign up now for the Windows Insider Program for Business to see Windows 11 first—and test it out.
Have them explore the widest range of Windows 11-eligible device options available now.
Have them explore the widest range of Windows 11-eligible device options available now.
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Most Windows 10 PCs that meet minimum upgrade requirements will be clearly marked with “Free Upgrade to Windows 11 (when available; see below).2” You can also contact HP for guidance.
Coming next week: Upgrading to Windows 11
Your business depends on utilizing the best modern devices available today as well as tomorrow. We’ll show you how Windows 11 builds on your existing investment in the Windows platform, and help you choose the best upgrade path for eligible Windows 10 devices.
So, watch your inbox and prepare for Windows 11!
  1. Microsoft Teams business features licensed separately.
  2. Upgrade rollout plan is being finalized and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Commercial customers should check with their IT departments for their rollout plan. Certain features require specific hardware, see
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